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Top 10 Best Yoga Retreats in Brisbane and Queensland

Tucked away in the heart of Brisbane and the sun-kissed scapes of Queensland, these top yoga retreats invite beginners and seasoned yogis alike to experience serenity and rejuvenation. 


Whether you opt to attend the best yoga retreat in Brisbane or the best yoga retreat in Queensland, you’re bound to embark on a sweet escape from the hustle and bustle of your daily schedule. 

The best retreats within these charismatic regions effectively blend the tranquillity of nature with the ancient art of yoga. From natural backdrops to pristine coastal havens, each retreat is a sanctuary that tunes out the world and turns up your world.

Whether you're seeking to gain your yoga stripes, reconnect with your inner self, or simply unwind, these top 10 yoga retreats cater to all levels and preferences. 

Better practice your best downward dog pose, as we explore the top 10 yoga retreats in Brisbane and Queensland

1. Massoga Retreat in Magnetic Island

Massoga yoga and massage

When it comes to top-tier relaxation, nothing comes close to the magnetic healing powers of Magnetic Island. 

The Massoga yoga retreat in Queensland, offers an innovative experience defined by a coalescence of restorative yoga and massage techniques. This wellness method is crafted to naturally calm the nervous system. 

Additional activities at the retreat include slow-flow yoga, meditation, self-discovery workshops, breathwork, and sound healing. For those seeking more upbeat physical activity, there are options like hiking, fitness classes, and nature walks. Guests can also experience ice baths, cold plunging, massages, and even participate in cooking classes. 

This holistic yoga retreat is set to spread its healing magic on October 28 to November 2, 2024, at Picnic Bay, Magnetic Island.

2. Sunrise Yoga at Mukti Yoga Centre

Sunrise Yoga at Mukti Yoga Centre

Work, school, and everything in between tends to get so fast-paced that it’s difficult to keep up sometimes. Sunrise Yoga is the place to be for a dose of steady-paced vinyasa yoga. Specialising in yoga for a variety of age groups, both beginners and seasoned health enthusiasts can immerse their senses in this magically spiritual practice. 

On top of that, attendees can also enjoy hatha, yin, yoga nidra, roll and release, and both pre and post-natal exercises. 

The training centre is set to hold two yoga retreats on July 6 and 7 at the Mukti Yoga Centre in Queensland.  

3. Nourish Day Retreat - Yin Yoga & Basket Weaving

Nourish Day Retreat - Yin Yoga & Basket Weaving

Nourish Day Retreat offers an exquisite blend of meditation, restorative movement, creativity, and connection. Ground and centre with yin yoga and a tranquil yoga nidra meditation while mastering the intricate craft of basket weaving using the mariposa stitch. 

Between poses and basket art, you will find the opportunity to foster profound, authentic connections with yourself, others, and the world around you. Savour a wholesome vegetarian meal that invigorates your body and spirit. Moreover, create a space to simply 'be' and embrace the present moment.  

The yoga and basket activities await your attendance on July 20 at Highgate Hill. 

4. Yoga Lovers Half Day Retreat with Carla

Yoga Lovers Half Day Retreat with Carla

If you're yearning for an invigorating yoga experience, the heartwarming activities at the Yoga Lovers Half Day Retreat will bring you sublime peace. Take a break from your daily roles and responsibilities to deeply relax, reflect, and nurture mental and physical health. 

Engage in a harmonious hatha yoga flow, soothing meditation, and pranayama. Find yourself in the sounds of healing with crystal bowls, zithers, and gongs. Delight in a sattvic plant-based afternoon tea featuring spicy chai masala, and leave with a meditation pack. 

Wear your love for yoga on your sleeve on July 27 at the  Australian School of Meditation and Yoga, West End. 

5. Spring Refresh Mini Retreat

Spring Refresh Retreat

The Spring Refresh Mini Retreat invites participants to embrace the season and recharge on Saturday, October 12, 2024, at TotalFusion Newstead. Led by Carmen, this retreat offers gentle yoga sessions, breathwork, sound healing, and both guided & silent meditation. 

Adding an extra layer of charm to the event, attendees will engage in journaling to reset and refocus their goals for the year ahead. The event fosters connections with like-minded individuals, leaving participants inspired and recalibrated. 

Given that yoga sessions tend to work up an appetite, a refreshing green goddess smoothie and fruit platter will be served to enhance the communal atmosphere. 

6. Relaxing Sound Healing Event with Light Castle Sound Healing

Relaxing Sound Healing Event with Light Castle Sound Healing

Let the soothing sounds of crystal singing bowls and gentle vibrations lead you into a state of deep relaxation and self-discovery. Enjoy the melodic resonance of gongs and meditative instruments, easing away the stresses of your day. 

A sound bath is a transformative experience where harmonious tones create profound peace, guiding you towards inner calm. Discover benefits such as stress reduction, enhanced meditation, improved sleep, and emotional healing. 

Pamper your ears on July 20 at the Elements Studio Yoga.

7. Movement. Breath. Ice. Retreat

Movement. Breath. Ice. Retreat

Soul Yoga & Retreats offers a metamorphic experience designed to reconnect guests with their inner strength and potential. The MOVEMENT. BREATH. ICE. RETREAT, guided by Donna and Benny, blends yoga, meditation, and the Wim Hof Method. 

Begin with yoga tailored to activate the vagus nerve and enhance the parasympathetic nervous system, followed by mindful meditation and a soothing sound bath. 

After a nutritious lunch break, certified Wim Hof Instructor Benny leads sessions on breathwork, cold exposure, and commitment. 

This retreat highlights the optimization of physical and mental well-being. Furthermore, it encourages participants to rediscover themselves, foster connections with others, and reconnect with nature. All roads lead to Worongary on September 8!

8. Yoga for Unity

Yoga for Unity

Join the Queensland Yoga Community on July 6, 2024, at Robelle Domain for the Yoga4Unity & Well Being event. Starting with a Bharatanatyam dance, the event offers various yoga sessions for all ages. Adults can enjoy happy hips yoga, vinyasa flow, and heartfulness meditation. Little ones can participate in yoga for kids, brain exercises, and yoga for teenagers. 

The afternoon includes gentle movement, breathwork, and mindfulness practices inspired by Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Afterwards, the event concludes with a yoga dance to Indian music. 

9. A Morning Well Spent 2

A Morning Well Spent 2

A morning well-spent means something different for everyone, but this yoga retreat in Queensland spends the A.M. with a focus on wellness and philanthropy. 

Join A Morning Well Spent 2 retreat on Sunday, July 21, at Gaia Mu Temple in Queensland. From 9 AM to 10:30 AM, this 1.5-hour event includes a mat pilates class, yin yoga stretch, and extended breathwork and meditation session. 

Apart from this, the retreat donates 100% of ticket sales to the Gaza Emergency Fund by Save The Children. Enhance your well-being while supporting a worthy cause. Don't miss this opportunity for a rejuvenating and charitable experience.

10. Journey to Self Love-One Day Women's Workshop

JOURNEY TO SELF LOVE-One day womens workshop

As one of the best yoga retreats in Brisbane, this self-love event will be a gift you give yourself. 

With a strong focus on soul renewal, the One-Day Women's Retreat will take place on Sunday, July 28th, at Soul Space Brisbane. Hosted by Krisy Conroy, Prema Cacao, and Lisa Thurgate Marks, this energising event includes a cacao ceremony, gentle yoga, breathwork, Reiki healing, mediumship reading, meditation, and sound healing. 

This retreat promotes self-improvement and spiritual enlightenment, helping participants shed old wounds and embrace their true selves. Enjoy a safe, supportive environment and connect with like-minded women. The price includes a nourishing vegan, gluten-free lunch and snacks, and an $80+ gift bag.

The Journey to Balancing Your Elements

As you explore these top yoga retreats in Brisbane and Queensland, you'll find the perfect escape to hit the reset button on your mind, body, and spirit. Each retreat offers a unique blend of activities, from restorative yoga and meditation to sound healing and nature walks. 

Among these, the Massoga Retreat on Magnetic Island stands out with its innovative combination of Yin yoga and massage, designed to unlock your best relaxation abilities. Don't miss the opportunity to experience this holistic wellness journey. 

Visit Massoga to book a spot at this retreat and embark on a path toward harmony.

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Written by Wallis Murphy-Munn

Wallis Murphy-Munn is the founder of Massoga®, a unique practice that combines the therapeutic benefits of massage with the restorative elements of Yin Yoga.


Her hands-on teaching approach has led to deeper relaxation for her students, inspiring the creation of Massoga®.


In addition to her practice, Wallis enjoys writing blog articles to share her insights, advocating for the importance of human touch and simple connections in an increasingly isolated world.

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