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Luxury Wellness Retreats




1. a place of privacy or safety

2. a quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax.


synonyms: refuge, haven, resort, asylum, sanctuary, sanctum, sanctorum

"Simply put – that was a fabulous weekend. I loved it. Such an awesome location, so peaceful. Great food! And the adjustors you chose - all great!! Also, I am unfollowing people on Twitter hand over fist, to reduce it’s impact on my life 😊 So, officially I will attend next year!"



Retreats in 2024

Magnetic Island, QLD

@ Picnic Bay 

28 Oct - 2 Nov 2024

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Retreats in 2025


Otways, VIC

@ King Parrot 

 27 Feb - 2 Mar 2025

Magnetic Island, QLD

@ Picnic Bay 

5 - 10 May 2025


Umbria, ITALY

@ Siliano Alto

17 - 24 June 2025

4 - 11 July 2025

Magnetic Island, QLD

@ Picnic Bay 

29 Sep - 4 Oct 2025

Retreats in 2026

Umbria, ITALY

@ Siliano Alto

16 - 23 June 2026

Accommodation options and pricing varies at each retreat.


Please click onto the retreat you are interested in to find out more. 

If you have any questions or need assistance please send us a chat message or contact us here.

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Bespoke Retreats

Organising a hens party, corporate retreat, or want to bring family or friends together for a special occasion?


Please send us an email!


The central practice at a Massoga® Retreat is the MASSOGA® practise, a combination of restorative Yin yoga and massage. This is deeply relaxing for the nervous system, body and mind.

Other activities can include;


~ Slow Flow Yoga

~ Meditation

~ Self Discovery Workshops

~ Breathwork

~ Ice baths and cold plunging

~ Sound Healing 

~ Hiking

~ Cooking classes 

~ Nature Walks

~ Fitness Classes

~ Private Massage and more...


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Day 1 

Arrival from 1pm, settle in and connect with nature

Free time for activities like private treatments; massage or acupuncture, or a hike in nature

Yoga + Meditation

Welcome Dinner


Day 2

Morning Breathwork and Cold Plunge/Ice Bath

Slow flow yoga practice


Free time

Massoga® massage yoga and meditation


Day 3

Morning meditation



Free time

Self Discovery Workshop – e.g. benefits of timed eating by regulating your hormones and body weight.


Day 4

Morning Breathwork and Cold Plunge/Ice Bath

Slow flow yoga and meditation


Free time




Day 5

Morning meditation

Self Discovery Workshop

Hike in nature

Free time

Evening Massoga®


Day 6 

Slow flow yoga and meditation

Farewell Brunch

Free Time

Departure 12pm 

Excited by our retreats, but budget conscious, or satisfied with a paired back retreat experience?

Take a look at our simple and sweet offering. And then send us an email to confirm your place!

Magnetic island girl on a rock
King Parrot Welcome.jpeg




Magnetic Island - or Maggi as it’s affectionately known to locals - is one of Australia’s hidden, untouched gems. A short ferry ride from Townsville, Far North Queensland, the relaxation starts as soon as you step foot in the terminal. If you’re a local, you know what to expect. If you’re making the trek from down south, it’s well worth it. 


King Parrot Retreat Centre provides is nestled on the north-facing hillside of the spectacular Pennyroyal Valley, situated near the Great Ocean Road and Lorne in the Otway Ranges. Consisting five cottages, lodge, hall and campground, King Parrot is a popular destination.​ The architecturally designed accommodation is fully self-contained. Each offers comfort, character and privacy in a rustic bush land setting, including stunning valley views.


Umbria is an Italian region bordering Tuscany, Lazio and Le Marche. Often called the country's green heart, it’s known for its medieval hill towns, dense forests and local cuisine, particularly foraged truffles and wines. ~ google

Our Italian home is called Siliano Alto, a 9 Bedroom farmhouse split into 3 apartments, with wellness spaces for practitioners to work with you in groups or in private. The space is so flexible that we can cater to all of your needs and desires including many layers of privacy, rest and reflection, as well as shared spaces to enjoy food and group activities.

We have two resident cats called Puppy and Mr Fluffikins! They are outdoor cats, but are often found relaxing on the loggier upstairs by their food. If you have allergies, we recommend that you take one of the beautiful rooms downstairs. Also! We can cater for you bringing your dog with you. We adore dogs and will do everything to make sure that their stay, as well as everyone elses is a joy to be shared.

Go digital free


Your retreat can also be a digital free zone. By request we will look after your phone for the weekend, with a daily 1 hour opportunity to check in with loved on if you choose. 


We host a private chef at every retreat who is experienced in catering for our guests individual needs. Every retreat is vegetarian or vegan, unless otherwise stated. Pescatarian and meat based diets can be accommodated on private retreats.

We partner with Sophia of Bloom Kitchen and Isabel of Brassica Catering, both conscious creator's who pour their love into every dish. They are in tune with the guests and cater to their needs without question.

Dishes can include;

*Gluten free buckwheat pancakes, peanut butter, coconut yoghurt and berries

*Buddha Bowl with charred tempeh, sauerkraut, butternut squash, slaw, avocado, grains, beans, broccoli and cheese stuffed mini capsicum

*Vegetable feast, including stuffed capsicum, roasted cauliflower, rainbow slaw, sweet potato wedges and broccoli and tahini dressing

*Sweet Cherry Tomato and Basil Soup

*Roasted Vegetable Salad with candied chilli

*Moroccan Tagine 

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