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Massage and Yoga Combined
Elevate Your Stretch

Why do Massoga?

This practice combines the best of both worlds - massage and deep stretching all at once. It is ideal for anyone needing to improve their recovery rate and learn to rest deeply.


The Yin yoga component cools the body, lowers the heart rate, increases circulation in the joints, stretches deeply into the soft tissues, and calms and balance the mind and body. With consistent practice greatly improves flexibility and mobility.


Layer on the benefits of massage which include all of the above, plus a reduction of stress hormones, reduced muscle tension and deep relaxation.


This is Massoga®

“One of the most valuable things we can do in life is to learn deep relaxation - making an effort to spend some time every day quieting our minds in order to create inner peace and better health”


— Herbert Benson, M.D.

What is Massoga®?

Massoga® creates a state of mental, emotional, and physical equilibrium. The session is specifically designed to regulate your nervous system through assisted stretching and massage. It creates the space for physical and emotional release in a safe and comfortable environment.

The practice of Massoga® is based in Restorative and Yin Yoga styles, with a focus on reclined postures so you can get the most out of the massage elements.

Over 45 minutes we will explore the major joints in the body and the surrounding soft tissue with long hold static stretching. The massage is layered over the yin yoga pose, as you soften into the stretch, inviting you to relax more deeply.


What can I expect?

You can expect to feel strong sensations while stretching in the postures, plus a palpable sense of release and relaxation as the massage technique is applied. This provides the perfect setting for recovery through deep release on a physiological level.

The experience is all encompassing with essential oils, music, yoga support, and intelligent sequencing designed to give you deeper awareness of your body and mind, combined with massage.

Do I need to bring anything?

We have all the yoga equipment needed for the session, so you do not need to bring your own mat. Wear comfortable clothing that you can stretch in, track pants or leggings, Massoga® is practiced fully clothed.

A recent study from researchers at the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center found that eliciting the relaxation response — a physiologic state of deep rest induced by practices such as Meditation, yoga, and deep breathing — produces immediate positive changes in the expression of genes involved in immune function, energy metabolism and insulin secretion.

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