Massage Yoga Melbourne

Massage Yoga Melbourne

Massage Yoga Melbourne

Massage and Yoga Combined.
The most relaxed you will ever feel.

Massage Yoga Melbourne

Massage Yoga Melbourne

Massage Yoga Melbourne

Massoga® Massage Yoga is a fully immersive experience with essential oils, music, yoga props, and intelligent sequencing designed to give you deeper awareness of your body and mind, all combined with intuitive touch. Your teacher will guide you through a Yin Yoga practice, while yoga adjustors and massage therapists provide nurturing hands on adjustment and massage. This creates the perfect setting for deep release and relaxation. The experience is all encompassing -

"I was enveloped in a deep sense of gratitude for the class, the environment, the peace, the fact that this practice of Massoga® Massage Yoga exists at all. Thank you for giving us this gift." 

Immerse Yourself.

Sigh Out.


Take Me Time Back.

Massage Yoga Melbourne

Massage Yoga in Melbourne, VIC combines the art of massage and Yin style yoga sequencing where most postures are reclined. It's twice the relaxation!

Massage Yoga Melbourne

Massoga® Retreats
Surf Coast, Victoria 
May 2022

June 2022

Magnetic Island, Queensland 

May 2022

July 2022

November 2022


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Massage Yoga Melbourne

Take time out of your life to unwind, de-stress & relax

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Massoga® Massage Yoga
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Massage Yoga Melbourne