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What is Massoga® Massage Yoga?

Massoga® Massage Yoga combines the benefits of yin yoga with the healing power of touch to deliver a deeply relaxation experience. In these two-hour immersive workshops, you are led through a series of yin yoga poses - each held for a duration of 3-5 minutes. These long-held poses target the deep connective tissues, helping to lengthen and stretch the muscles and fascia throughout the body.

To gain a more intense level of relaxation and flexibility, therapists provide gentle massage, assisting further softening in each pose. Each workshop maintains a 1:4 therapist to student ratio, ensuring you receive a significant amount of hands-on time throughout the session. Therapists come from a variety of modalities, from remedial to reiki to physio and myotherapy, with each workshop delivering a different experience.

This unique combination of yoga and massage promotes a heightened state of rest, relieving stress and anxiety, enhances flexibility, creates new pathways for energy flow throughout the body, increases blood flow and leaves participants feeling deeply rested yet rejuvenated.

Since its inception in 2015, Massoga Massage Yoga has delivered several sold out public workshops. Massoga Massage Yoga have also been invited to work with corporates in a team-building capacity, and as part of corporate mindfulness and health programs. Industries to date include law firms, accounting practises, fitness and yoga studio teams and volunteer organisations.

Private in home and ‘special occasion’ sessions are also available, particularly as birthday or pre and post wedding relaxation treats.

Our Founder

Founder and Director Wallis Murphy has nurtured a lifetime yoga and massage practise. With nearly a decade’s experience teaching yoga, Wallis is one of Victoria’s most sought-after yoga teachers. With a previous life in major-scale events management, Wallis came to appreciate the importance of nurturing the body, mind and soul, particularly to avoid and treat burnout. Wallis has trained throughout Australia and New York, constantly seeking new ways to improve and enhance her workshops.

Fascinated by touch from a young age, Wallis began experimenting with gentle adjustments and massage during her regular yoga classes, helping guide students deeper into their poses. Wallis' classes began to sell out on a regular basis - and feedback was not only for her ability to provide inspirational food for thought during class, but also for the deeper connections to soul, self, mind and body students experienced.

And so, Massoga® Massage Yoga was born.

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