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Pay it forward.

All profits from this event will go toward providing free Massoga® to those affected by the recent bushfires in Victoria. We will be sending a Massoga® Team to regional communities to help them process these devastating events and to help heal with stillness, massage and yoga.

On Sunday, March 15th, we invite you to immerse yourself in live sounds, massage and yoga in the unique Massoga® way. A member of the Wurundjeri Council will attend to share wisdom about the reverence of Mother Nature and the Australian Bushland we call home.

This event is a collaboration of Massoga® and Live Sound played by Luke Euvrard and IKSRE a.k.a. Phoebe Dubar. 


Luke Euvrard plays acoustic sounds on the Didgeridoo, Tibetan Bowls, Hand Pan, and other instruments. IKSRE uses crystal bowls and vocals over her live recordings of Australian bushland.

Dates: Sunday, 15th March, 3pm-5pm


Location: The Oratory, Abbotsford Convent

1 St Heliers St, Abbotsford VIC


Cost: $89

The magic of sound

Modern sound healing is a highly effective, therapeutic technique which combines this ancient wisdom and sound based instruments from around the world and throughout the ages, with modern science and a little bit of magic, to heal mental, physical, and spiritual ailments in clients, either in a group or one on one setting.


But why sound? Sound frequencies have the ability to positively or negatively influence the body, emotions, mind, soul and spirit. Certain frequencies are jarring and have a negative effect – whether they be loud, extremely high pitched or dissonant – hence changing our brainwave frequencies and the balance within our bodies, sometimes sparking up the sympathetic nervous system, increasing cortisol release and creating stress, which has a raft of potentially damaging effects on the body. On the other hand, certain frequencies are known to help calm the mind, encouraging a more relaxed state and brainwave frequencies, hence lowering the heart rate and breathing rate, allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to come alive and hence giving the body the chance to rest and digest.

Sound Healing and group Sound Baths may be a relatively new addition to the plethora of alternative therapies available in the west today, but it is far from new, in fact ancient cultures from across the globe have used sound to heal ailments and imbalances for thousands of years. Gongs from ancient China; drums from Native America; didgeridoo from Australia; rainsticks and shakers from Africa; singing bowls from Tibet (which are over 2,500 years old) and vocal toning, which is seen in some form within all of these cultures.


There are 5 main types of brainwave frequencies – Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta – each have a different hertz rate and are aligned with certain mental states, from highly alert (Gamma) to in a deep sleep (Delta). Sound can alter brainwave frequencies and the aim of sound healing is to encourage the beneficial Alpha and Theta states, and associated relaxation response, so the client can begin to heal themselves. Other benefits include:

  • Stress reduction

  • decreases mood swings.

  • lowers blood pressure.

  • lowers cholesterol levels.

  • teaches pain management.

  • lowers risk for coronary artery disease and stroke.

  • improves sleep.


Combined with yin yoga and massage, sound healing has the ability to take participants into an even deeper state of relaxation than these two technique on their own. It nourishes the body on a cellular level.

~ Phoebe Dubar


Image provided by Wurundjeri Woi wurrung Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation

Significant Places
Coranderrk - Healesville


Image provided by Wurundjeri Woi wurrung Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation

Significant Places

Yarra River PoundBend


Luke Euvrard playing didgeridoo


Image provided by Wurundjeri Woi wurrung Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation

Significant Places

Mount William


Images provided by Wurundjeri Woi wurrung Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation

Significant Places

Emu Creek


ISKRE (aka Phoebe Dubar) playing the crystal bowls.

Join us for this very special event