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April 2024

Saturday 9.30am - 6.30pm

Sunday 9.30am - 6.30pm


Full Price $439


Early Bird $389

*Early Bird available until

2nd February, unless sold out prior




Massoga® is an amazing array of tools to have in your kit as a yoga teacher, facilitator or massage therapist. There are pathways for experienced practitioners and people beginning their journey in the world of holistic therapies. 


In the Intro Training you will have the opportunity to practically explore 8 Restorative Yin poses and massage techniques, and in a public immersion where you will be invited to assist. This is the best starting point for someone that does not have any hands on experience.

The Massoga® Level One Training is a collaboration between several expert facilitators and Massoga® which offers you an opportunity to deepen your understanding of how to approach a body in a holistic way, layering hands on modalities over restorative yoga poses. It encompasses a series of weekend workshops covering several modalities to enhance the Massoga® Therapists ability to holistically treat their clients. This course enables you to up-skill as yoga teachers & massage therapists in a way that no other training is offering right now. We are excited to launch this training in 2024.

There are also opportunities to join the team after the training and become a regular Massoga® therapist and join us at events and on retreats. If you are interested in this please email 



This is a special practice. It is safe and nurturing. It helps people to appreciate the importance of self care and reflection time. Our culture demands productivity and therefore steals our most precious nonrenewable resource - time. Yet when we give ourselves some valuable time to rest & rejuvenate we are more efficient, and all round better humans. A practice like Massoga® provides a space for this - and who doesn't love yoga and massage together!


There is less kind and caring physical interaction between people now than ever before. Massoga® Method is layered, and fully immersive. It helps us to reconnect in modern times where touch is taboo.

The techniques we have developed for the Introductory training are deeply relaxing and nourishing, and if you are a teacher or facilitator could be applied to loved ones at home, in your massage treatments or in your yoga classes.


"The experience is just so relaxing. It really takes me to a very calm state, both physically and psychologically."

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