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The Reset Project

The Reset Project

What is The Reset Project about?


Establishing a Fasting lifestyle.


Why do I want to live a fasting lifestyle?

If you want to;

~ increase your  mental clarity, 

~ improve energy,

~ lose weight, 

~ decrease hunger pangs, 

~ balance hormones for fertility,

~ regulate hormones in peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause

~ slow the aging process,

~ improve your memory,

~ reverse insulin resistance,

~ project yourself from neuro degenerative diseases like alzheimer's and dementia,

~ prevent cancers,

~ reduce arthritus,

~ reverse asthmatic conditions, and

~ slow the progression of auto immune conditions or ncrease lifespan,

then this project is for you.


How are we doing this with fasting?

By improving our metabolic health.

What is the commitment?
~ 2 hours / week for 6 weeks
~ $379. That’s $63/week for 6 weeks.

What does a fasting lifestyle look like?

Most days eating within a 7-9 hour window. Some days exploring longer fasts depending on your goals and your cycle (if you're a cycling person).


For example if your goal is to lose weight you woud explore a 36 hour water fast followed by a 12 hour eating window follwoed by a 36 hour water fast.


Or if you goal was to regulate your hormones you would fast 18 hours in the first 10 days of your cycle followed by no fasting during ovulation, followed by another few days of  longer fasts, followed by no fasting in the pre-menstral week.


The 6 week program is designed to supports you in developing and maintaining this lifestyle with incramental change. We are not throwing you into a water fast without first gaining the knowledge and doing a little practice.

In week 6 togther we will explore a 24-72 hour water fast for your personal goals and needs.


We will be supported by a nutritionist, a chef, a psychologist and TCM doctor and an Osteopath.

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