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Cork Mat
  • Cork Mat

    Cork Yoga Mats are made from Premium Sustainable Cork which comes from the bark of the Cork Oak Tree and backed with Natural Tree Rubber.


    Our cork mats are 100% bio-degradable and free from all toxins and chemicals. They are a high performing yoga mat on all levels with many exceptional and unique qualities plus they sit flat from the word go.


    When you combine the Anti-microbial, cushioning and closed cellular structure, exceptional grip/traction and durability properties together with the zero-foot print on our planet you end up with the ‘master’ of yoga mats!


    MEASURES 183 long x 61 wide x 5mm


    * Natural Organic cork 100% Bio-Degradable
    * Eco-friendly and 100% non-toxic (top & bottom)
    * Anti-microbial, natural kills germs and bacteria
    * Close cell cork so no trapped odours
    * Easy to keep clean and fresh
    * Lightweight and portable
    * Extremely durable, very long life
    * Scratch resistant and smooth textured surface
    * Rounded edges & 5mm thick for extra comfort


    * Suitable for all styles of yoga
    * Provides optimal grip and stability during your practice
    * Super grippy rubber bottom
    * All round traction 10/10
    * Comfortable cushioned surface offering a soft padded feeling to your body
    * Great mat for allergy sufferers Natural insulation from hot and cold surfaces
    * Helps to look after our planet

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