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Clearing Mental Clutter

“What consumes your mind, controls your life.”

~ Alexander Alvarez

A friend of mine recently left her life in Melbourne after 12 years to move back home to live with her parents in North Queensland. Quite a few people questioned the move, saying she was crazy and there was little there for her. Only she knew there were big things coming: by letting go and allowing a door to close, an even bigger one has opened, offering a once in a lifetime move overseas.

Since she’s been ‘home’, things have slowed down. The money is still flowing, thoughts have become clearer, and in the past week she felt comfortable enough to let go of 500 ‘friends’ on her social media pages.

When we have the courage to leave the familiar behind, we create space. It allows us to feel into who we truly are and what we truly feel. It gives us no choice but to chase what makes our soul sing.

Packing up your life may seem a bit drastic, but we can achieve smaller slithers of mental clarity through taking time out to meditate, for self love. To quieten the mind.

Give yourself five minutes now and ask yourself: What dreams are you missing out on?

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