Massoga® Training Melbourne

Massoga® Training Melbourne




Jan 22/23/24

Feb 19/20/21


Friday 6.30 - 9.30pm

Saturday 9am - 6.30pm

Sunday 9am - 6.30pm






This is a special practice. It helps people to appreciate the importance of self-care and reflection. This practice is layered, and fully immersive. The techniques we have developed for the level one training are deeply relaxing and nurturing, and could be applied to students in your yoga classes, during your massage sessions or even with loved ones at home.



In this training you will learn;

> Massoga® massage techniques for 8 poses, all detailed in the 40+ page training take home manual


> to see the body anatomically with in depth exploration on the areas we are applying massage 


> to deepen your understanding of non verbal communication with partner exercises and movement work,


> and to enhance your skills of intuitive touch and deep listening with blind folded work.

You will also have the opportunity to practically explore each of the poses and massage techniques in detail with our facilitators; Wallis, Hanna and Zi,  and in a private immersions where you will be invited to assist.

There are also opportunities to join the Melbourne based team after the training and become a regular Massoga therapist. If you are interested in this please email 



$439 full price

You'll be an inaugural member, establishing our online training community of massage therapists, yoga teachers and body workers nationwide. You'll be guided by three Massoga facilitators at this special group training. Included in your course fee is a Massoga Immersion on an upcoming date of your choice, and practical experience working with Massoga.

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