Deposit COME BACK TO LOVE Retreat October 2021

Deposit COME BACK TO LOVE Retreat October 2021


Join us at our Come Back to Love Massoga® Retreat in 2021

DATE: 12th - 17th October 2021


The deeper we love, the greater the chance of misunderstanding and disagreement with those we cherish. In these tricky times of relationship conflict we can start to feel unsafe, our trust can erode, our hope can fade and our love can falter. Most have us have never been shown how to stay open when we want to close. Until now.


Wallis Murphy-Munn of Massoga® and Heart Coach James ‘Fish’ Gill collaborate to bring you this unique retreat experience to show you how.

COME BACK TO LOVE is a powerful fusion of restorative yin yoga practice, massage, pranayama, yogic philosophy and transformative communication tools that will give you the skills to step towards misunderstanding, challenge and conflict and turn your relationship hurts into healing, resentment into compassion, and uncertainty into safety.

You’ll join other singles and couples as you learn to create safety and openheartedness in you and with those you love, so love and understanding can flourish.

Place your deposit to secure your place. Your deposit is non refundable. It is transferable to other retreat dates up to 8 weeks prior to the original retreat dates booked.

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