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Plan time to rest in 2020

you are not failing because you still get lost in dark rivers, you are human, be gentle when doubt comes"

~ Sarah Blondin


Today I was inspired by a conversation I had with my Mum on embracing all that we are and what we wish to create for the future. By making conscious choices not to repeat the same patterns and stories we tell ourselves, so we can leave beautifully without effort.

I'm sharing excerpts from one of my favourites, Sarah Blondin. Her work is deeply reflective of the human experience, and reminds us we are all living and breathing and loving together, the same, not separate in this life. She writes and speaks poetically about living from a heart centred place. 

This excerpt is from Sarah's poem I Know Sometimes. Take some time over the holiday period to listen to the whole piece, and more of her works on her podcast Live Awake

In peace and abundance,


I Know Sometimes by Sarah Blondin

i know you feel hollow at times 

like life is escaping you 

dancing in front of you

but out of your reach somehow 

i know it hurts to live in the disconnect

between what you are currently experiencing 

and what you know exists outside of you 

beautifully without effort 

i know how much it hurts to live there 

in the divide between what you feel you are 

and what you wish you could be 

i know you have tasted the sun on your skin 

and inhaled with complete trust

and that you too at times find it hard to move without knowing what's next 

that at times life feels paralyzing 

i know you work so hard to control the outcome of your life  

that you forget to breathe sometimes 

that you live on the shallow end 

that you forget to go deep, breathe deep

that you forget to meet yourself in the quiet 

and breathe yourself full again 

that you forget that there is a well of abundance and trust in you 


i know you long to live more in bliss 

where you know you’re intended to live

i know you can feel it vibrating in your cells

when you arrive there

in the grace of bliss 

that this 

this is where you belong 

or when you arrive there you are so alive 

as if everything around you is telling you 


you’re home


give yourself permission to be in all the places you are 

without judgement 

or criticism  

or frustration

let the process of life unfold as it is 

change nothing about it 

except for the amount of love you shower yourself with  

except for the amount of love you give yourself 

in both times of great joy and great unrest


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