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Life in the Dark

You may have already met Stephanie Agnew, our blind Massoga® massage therapist (pictured). She has inspired us to take Massoga to a new level with a completely blindfolded experience.

Steph’s ability to navigate a room of relaxed yogis, finding the exact points to massage while our participants move through various yin yoga poses is unbelievable - I often forget she is blind!

“I am extremely passionate about raising awareness for vision loss. When the idea of a blindfolded Massage Yoga immersion was raised, I was immediately on board,” says Steph. “I love helping people with their health and well-being, and this is exactly what Massoga® Massage Yoga offers. To also have the opportunity to remind people to appreciate what they have in life is an added bonus.”

Massoga® Facilitator Alex Maxwell, will lead this incredibly special immersion. Alex describes Blindfolded Massoga® as an exercise in ‘appreciation over expectation’. “We take so many things for granted, and sight is perhaps the biggest one. In Blindfolded Massoga®, participants will be blindfolded as soon as they arrive, and carefully led to their yoga mat for the class.

While Alex will lead the teachings, Steph will share insights from her ‘life in the dark’, helping to create a deeper awareness and appreciation for everyone involved.”

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