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I am - therefore I am.

“I observed... this truth - I think, therefore I am...”

~ René Descartes

My practice has been one of allowing and accepting, accepting and allowing. It's taken a while to get there, but the benefits of this have translated in life to the understanding that - it is what it is - and that's ok. My friends hear me say this often.

As hard as it is to resist trying to control everything, or to not need things to be different, or to not take things so personally, I'm learning there is great freedom in accepting things as they are.

In the beginning, before the importance of Yoga and Meditation became apparent to me in my life, I was often ruled by my over analysis, list making, problem solving mindset. It was definitely a case of I think, therefore I am. Then I discovered I am not my thoughts. Phew!

My practice led me into I feel, therefore I am. I am still relishing in this space of being open to leading with feelings (although, I am only human and sometimes just want to roll my eyes and sigh at all the sensitivity). But let's face it - we are here on this planet to feel, and we are our best selves when we are truthful about how we feel.

Lately, I have started to explore this place of I am, therefore I am. I can't really describe it, but I know it's good. There is spaciousness and ease there. Let's find that place again - together - soon.

Photo by Jari Hytönen on Unsplash

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