Friday 26 - Sunday 28 August 2022

Location: Summerhouse Retreat, Jan Juc, VIC

Deep rest is essential for brain function, your immune system and your nervous system, essentially the quality of your life, and yet we rarely prioritise rest. 

Image by Britt James @in_the_flow_

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Image by Britt James @in_the_flow_

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"The layers of life tension and pressure of chronic doing fell away and made space for me to be the person I know myself to be. This kind of transcendence is only possible when someone keenly dedicated is working in plain sight as well as invisibly behind the scenes. Wallis has cultivated an experience built on intention, intuition and experience."

~ Erin, Deep Rest Retreat, May 2022


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Why this retreat? 

With only 4 rooms on this retreat, you have the opportunity for self reflection, relaxation and conversation in an intimate setting.


We will experience a range of activities like sauna time, salt room relaxation and cliff top beach hikes to down regulate the nervous system and connect deeply with self.

Optional activities like private massage, nourishing body treatments, golf, and surfing.

All activities are designed to help you get out of your head and into your body to create the space for rest.


Creating the space to for deep rest daily.

On Retreat you will have the opportunity to allow rest to become a natural part of every day, which you can carry back into daily life in ways that feel sustainable and practical for your lifestyle. Beyond retreat, it might realistically look like 5 minutes a day, and this will be incredibly valuable for you and the people in your life. Learn how to find 5 minutes or even 1 minute in every day.


Why is rest important

The inability to rest effectively can lead to poor sleep due to our bodies and minds being overstimulated. This creates stress within the system.

Many people suffer chronic low-level stress and think it's normal. Chronic stress contributes to;

reactivity in relationships,

- feelings of overwhelm and stress,

- high blood pressure,

- causes brain changes that may contribute to anxiety, depression, and addiction,

- promotes the formation of artery-clogging deposits,

- contributes to obesity, both through direct mechanisms (causing people to eat and drink more) or indirectly (decreasing sleep and exercise).

“One of the most valuable things we can do in life is to learn deep relaxation - making an effort to spend some time every day quieting our minds in order to create inner peace and better health”


~ Herbert Benson, M.D.



Summer House is a relaxed yet lavish setting with simply stunning interiors and outdoor spaces just minutes, from the fabled Bells Beach Ocean Reserve. Formerly the homestead of a large sheep station, it has expansive ocean views and is surrounded by nature. 

It’s a peaceful, calming and tranquil space where healing can take place, energy be transferred and stories exchanged. A place of transformation; where you can start a new journey, feel nurtured and not judged and a place to be remembered as life changing.


“Morning meditation, daily yin classes & afternoon sessions of massoga which combines long holds in restorative poses with the addition of gentle massage to assist the body deepen into the pose. Simply blissful."


~ Claire, Victoria, Magnetic Retreat, March 2021


This retreat experience is designed to allow you to discover how to access deep states of rest through a variety of activities including; daily meditation, two types of yoga; Massoga® and slow yoga, sauna and salt room time, time in nature, and more. Every activity planned is slow, steady and mindful.

Other retreat activities include;

Sound Healing 

Nature Walks

Private Massage
Nourishing Treatments e.g. Facial
Sauna Time
Salt Room Relaxation

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Day 1 - Friday

Arrive from 12pm, settle in and connect with nature

3pm Welcome to Retreat Meet & Greet + opening Massoga® + meditation.

630pm Welcome dinner

Day 2 - Saturday

3 x meals and snacks throughout the day
7am Slow Yoga + Meditation

830am Breakfast 

930am Cliff top beach walk followed by sauna time

1pm Lunch

4pm Massoga® Massage Yoga 

630pm Dinner


Day 3 - Sunday 

8am Slow Yoga + Meditation
10am Farewell Brunch 

12pm Check Out

Wallis is a professional & warm presenter with a great yoga style & hands that know exactly where to assist you! Her attention to detail in every aspect of our 5 day retreat was impressive."

~ Claire, Victoria, Magnetic Retreat, March 2021


Deep nourishment

When food is made with love, you can taste it. Your nourishing vegetarian and vegan retreat meals taste like love at the hands of conscious creator and chef Sophia of Bloom Kitchen.

Some of her winter specialities include;

Brown Rice Porridge

Enriched Superfood Muesli

White Bean Chilli (GF,V)

French lentil Salad

Sweet Potato Salad

Mint, Chilli, Paprika Squid

Crustless Quiche

Red lentil dahl

Image by Britt James @in_the_flow_

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Image by Britt James @in_the_flow_

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Image by Britt James @in_the_flow_

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If you desire to strengthen motivation, creativity and learning, to understand yourself more deeply, and if you wish to nurture yourself to your best state of health, join Massoga® for the Deep Rest Retreat in Jan Juc in 2022.