Luxury beachfront location + an average of 29 degrees + lots of Massoga Massage Yoga love.

Escape the cold next July for twice the relaxation in tropical North Queensland.

Headland House 1
Headland House 1

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Driftwood 4

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Headland House 1
Headland House 1

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X - X JULY 2021




Magnetic Island - or Maggi as it’s affectionately known to locals - is one of Australia’s hidden, untouched gems. A short ferry ride from Townsville, the relaxation starts as soon as you step foot in the terminal. If you’re a local, you know exactly what to expect. If you’re making the trek from down south, it’s well worth it. Enjoy warm, sunny days at the height of winter, and cool nights to have you sleeping like a baby. A refreshing change

from mid-July in Melbourne.

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We are thrilled to have secured 4 x luxury residences on a private access road over looking the magnificent Picnic Bay. Picnic Bay boasts stunning views, walking tracks to hidden beaches only accessible by foot or by boat, it truely is paradise! If you love adventure, you can take a short 10 min trip to Horseshoe Bay for open water jetski tours, sunset horse riding and more. Our stunning modern properties are newly built or renovated, all have huge open plan living spaces for plenty of down time, and all have their own private pools, some heated! And with an Sophia, our in-house chef joining us again 

you won't want to leave!

There are a limited number of premium King and Queen rooms, and only 2 twin share rooms available. So get in quick if you're want to secure your own private piece of paradise. 

Find out more about the luxury accommodation here

"Simply put – that was a fabulous weekend. I loved it. Such an awesome location, so peaceful. Great food! And the adjustors you chose - all great!! Also, I am unfollowing people on Twitter hand over fist, to reduce it’s impact on my life 😊 So, officially I will attend next year!"




Your return ferry ticket to the Island is included in your package, so you just need to make your way to Townsville. Jetstar have direct flights from Melbourne and often have sales - keep an eye out for Friday Fare Frenzy, every Friday between 4-8pm. You could get one as low as $89! This flight lands around 7pm, so we recommend flying in the Tuesday night and hoping straight on a ferry where we will meet you and bring you home to luxury! Official retreat activities begin on Wednesday afternoon so you will have plenty of time to settle in.

Virgin and Qantas fly to Townsville via Brisbane or Sydney, so it's a longer trip and often more expensive. However, the option is there if you'd prefer to fly in on the day and head straight to the retreat. Locals, you know exactly where you're headed!



And of course, there's the Massoga® Massage Yoga. Daily yoga, meditation, hiking, walks, nourishing meals, time by the pool, private massage or yoga, and plenty of free time to explore the tropical island lifestyle. We'll also immerse you in essential oils, including a workshop where you'll create your own special blend to take home.


We recommend Massogis arrive on retreat completely relaxed and ready to slow down and accept what comes. Which is why we have designed this retreat with a soft opening and closing. Surrender with six nights and seven days, or arrive on Wednesday in time for the first activity and depart on Sunday (4 nights & 5 days) if you're schedule requires.


There is no price difference, and you will not miss any scheduled activities if you are staying only 5 days. This extra time pre and post retreat is to allow those that wish to absorb the magic of Maggi and to rest a little longer the opportunity to do so.

We also know it's nice to have some idea of what to expect, so here's a sample schedule to get you in the mood for some Magnetic Massoga Massage Yoga magic.

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Day 1 - Tuesday 

Arrive from 3pm, settle in and connect with nature

Optional private massage

Dinner @ a local restaurant


Day 2 - Wednesday 

Optional Morning Meditation

Complementary Breakfast 8-10am

Lunch @ a local restaurant

All guests arrive by 3pm

Welcome Circle

Massoga Massage Yoga

Welcome Dinner @ 7pm


Day 3 - Thursday

3 x meals and snacks throughout the day

Sunrise Hike and meditation

Optional Private massage or yoga

Evening slow flow yoga practice and sound bath

Day 4 - Friday 

3x meals and snacks throughout the day

Sunrise beach walk and meditation

Essential oils workshop – create your own blend

Optional Private massage or yoga

Massoga Massage Yoga

Night hike and Star Gazing

Day 5 - Saturday 

3 x meals and snacks throughout the day

Sunrise Hike and meditation

 Morning slow flow yoga practice

Private massages sessions

Day 6 - Sunday 

2 x meals and snacks throughout the day

Morning Massoga Massage Yoga


Departure from 3pm

Dinner @ a local restaurant

Day 7 - Monday 

Optional Morning Meditation

Complementary Breakfast 8-10am

Departure from 10am

If you do fly Jetstar, the direct flight back to Melbourne leaves around 7:45pm, so you will have plenty off time to get back to the mainland and catch it.Of course, you're welcome to stay longer if you can get the time off. We highly recommend it, as after we did our location visits to plan this retreat, we didn't want to leave! There are plenty of affordable accommodation options on and off the island - we'll leave that to you to plan.




Your retreat can also be a digital free zone. By request, we will look after your phone for the week, with a daily 1 hour opportunity to check in with loved on if you choose. Previous guests found this was the perfect way to completely switch off, and some even continued to allocate 'digital detoxes' into their daily life!

It is amazing what turning off can do.


Send us a note and we'll supply information on pricing, installment plan options and any other detail.

Thank you! You're on your way to a magic Magnetic Retreat! Your future self will thank you. Especially if you're coming from Melbourne! x